Saturday, January 8, 2011

Betong Thailand road ride

Update: Take note that the ride has been pulled in to Feb 19/20.

MKH is planning to organize a trial road ride to Betong Thailand on Feb 26/27. The ride is only open for MKH road riders only. This will be a 2 days 1 night ride covering 125kmh on day 1 and 50kmh on day 2. Due to the hilly terrain, a minimum of 39x26 gearing will be needed. If interested pls contact Kulim Lee or Danny. An estimated payment of rm 50 for room(twin sharing basis) + other logistic payment will be collected by latest 30th January 2011. If there is surplus funds it will be return after the ride. Additional note is that you will have to plan for your carpool arrangement to get to Betong or Malaysian Border. Again note that this ride is only open to MKH riders only to ease logistic planning.