Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Joint ride with Ipoh and P2K friends in KL on Apr 27 2008

Good news KL ride is on again! Current plan is to have the earlier December pushed out d'Broga ride on Apr 27. The date is tentatively firmed with concensus coming from the KL, Ipoh and Penang/Kulim group. This will be a one day ride but MKH riders will have to drive down to KL on Saturday. Pls block out your calendars and make plans if you wish to join. For more info pls contact Lee or Danny

Monday, January 28, 2008

Sunday Jan27 Road ride

Ride Outcome: 24 riders turned up for the 102km ride across several "kampongs". In combination with last week's ride,this complete the effort to introduce a new route for future joint ride with KL/Ipoh friends sometime in May.

Hilite of the Day : Beh was chased again, this time not by a dog but by a GOAT !!!

Lolite of the day : One puncture during the ride (Boy)

Guess whose chainstay? Clue-the one who had puncture during the ride

Bike and rider refueling at Petronas Sg Kob

The most comfortable Petrol station: Sg Kob Petronas

Original ride message : Route: Kulim-Serdang-Selama-Mahang-Kulim. Start from Jabatan hutan at 7.30 sharp

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sunday Jan 20 Kampung Masjid ~120km ride

Ride outcome : More than 30 riders turned out,with couple of first timers for the Sunday ride. Route covered 140km consisting of 3 hills and some amount of kampung road. MKH group rides are growing in numbers...might need police permit for gathering soon (for those who knew what happened in the Cameron ride earlier this month !!! ) . Photos courtesy from Sam

Original ride information: Ride will start at 7.30 sharp from Jabatan Hutan. Pls be punctual, will not wait for latecomers. Mostly flat terrain with gradual 1-2km climb at 60km

MTBiking this Wed (Thaipusam) Jan 23, 2008

We will be riding MTB on Thaipusam day... the route:

E-Park - Sg Ara - Sg Ara trail up to Tun Sardon - Balik Pulau (breakfast) - trail up to Hill Turn then Air Itam Dam - Air Itam market - Home

Ride will start from e-Park at 7:15am or Sg Ara Shell Gas Station at 7:40am.

If you plan to join the ride, do let us know. From: Peng Soon (+60195557609) & Danny (+60124305049).

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saturday, Jan 19 2008 Long MTB ride from Sg Ara

Ride will start at 7.30am sharp from Sg Ara. Meet at Dinas Nasi Kandar (opposite Secondary school). This ia a long and probably tiring ride covering 5-6 hill climbs and decents. Route info: Sg Ara - Bukit Genting -Gertak Sanggul - Pulau Betung- Balik Pulau- Sg Ara. All off road, so no road tyres please. Expect to back to Sg Ara at 11.30am.
For those interested call Danny (012-4305049)

Ride outcome: 6 hardcore riders (Sean, Bok Sim, David Rogers, David Khaw, Yew Tek Hean & Danny) turned up for the 6hr !!! offroad ride covering ~48km consisting of 6 major hills. Great achievement by all although it was mostly all suffer especialy the last long hill. 4 minor falls due to technical difficulty but all recovering well.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Weekly Ride Jan 20th 2008

Kampung Masjid siok siok ride. 7:30am sharp at J.Hutan. Please be punctual.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ipoh Fellowship ride group registration

To all MKH MTB riders,

We are now collectting names and payment for riders who wish to participate in MKH group registration. Those who are interested can contact and pay Peng Soon OR pass Danny your details and payment during our sunday ride on Jan 20

Date of the Ipoh Fellowship Ride: 23 March,2008(Sunday)
Entrance Fee: RM50.00

Friday, January 11, 2008

Saturday Jan 12, MTB Ride up to PG Hill

MTB ride up to PG Hill thru a different route in Air Itam; near the Police Station and next to the 4-D shop.

Peng Soon will start from E-Park at 7:15am, and will meet Danny and other Sg Ara folks at Lake View traffic light at 7:35am. Then, we will proceed to Air Itam to meet at Air Itam market at 8am.

Interested? Contact Peng Soon at +60195557609.

Ride outcome: 7 riders turned up for this tough ride and 6 made it to the top

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sunday Jan 13, Road Ride up to 130km

Kulim to Kuala Muda...Purpose for the Kari Ikan and Ikan Bakar that we missed 2weeks ago. Ride start at 730am sharp from Jabatan hutan. Will not wait for late comers

Ride outcome: Total distance 115km. Hilite of the the Day: Got to enjoy the delicious fish curry. Guess how many pieces of fish Kulim Lee and Chong Meng individually consume? ....clue equivalent to the number of cables on their bikes. Relatively fast ride, and most riders managed to keep to a manageable gap.

Lowlight: 19 riders showed up at the meeting place only 6 was ready to ride at 730am...Some arrived even after 730am... Guys what happen to our discipline !!!. Shahrin got lost near the end of the ride. he decided to add 7km to include his own Tour of Kulim before calling it a day

Joke of the day : Our ironman Chong Meng started to drop things again during ride, this time dropping his water bottle twice and CO2 cartridges. Wondering what will be next

Round Island Ride on Thursday (Jan 10)

Apart from the Hard MTB ride that Danny is organizing, we also have a round island ride on Jan 10... it will be easy and slow ride :). Start from E-Park at 7:15am, picking up riders at Gurney traffic light at 7:40am.


E-Park - Gelugor - Greenlane - Gurney - Tg Bunga - Teluk Bahang - Balik Pulau - Tun Sardon - home

Interested to join, contact Peng Soon at +60125265000.

Hard MTB ride on Jan 10 2008

Very Tough 3 hill climb ride Starting from Bikut Gambir to Air Itam to 1200 step templeand proceed to Penang hill. Meet at 7.15 am SHARP at the bottom of Bukit Gambir Junction. Interested or more information call Danny Khaw (012-430-5049).

Monday, January 7, 2008

Jan 6th Cameron Ride Report

Simpang Pulai - Tapah - Cameron - Simpang Pulai (185km). Our 1st taste of this route was back in 2 years time with only handfull of riders from Penang and Cameron. But today it was suppose to be a MKH Penang casual ride with less than 20riders and some Ipoh friends, turned out to be massive group ride with groups from KL and Lumut showed up, ended up with approx 110-120 riders
Pic 1 : Friends from KL, Ipoh and Lumut
Pic 2 More Ipoh friends

Ride to Tapah was relatively fast but smooth. Encountered issue at Tapah Shell Petrol Station when confronted by Police for alleged “Illegal gathering”. The group was held back for approximately 15min before agreeing to breakoff and ride in individual smaller groups which became very natural as we hit the hills. 45km riding to Ringlet for lunch stop was climax of suffering for most riders, especially first timers. There was a very clear spread of riders arriving to the town spanning >1 hr apart . Most groups rode on individually after Ringlet. It was very unusual to see so many riders spread out in the different Cameron towns for food, shopping and also fruit/vegetable parks. It started raining at Tanah Rata all the way Kg Raja, a real experience to ride in the cold, wet and slippery conditions. Finally despite all the suffering all riders arrived safely back at Simpang Pulai. By the way who wants to buy Lee's bike, he plans to sell off his bike as he "beh siok" a lady rider overtook him half way yesterday in Cameron. Ha ha ha ha....
What is next challenge? Penang - Simpang Pulai - Tapah - Cameron? That will give you >300km ride for a day. Any dare devil?

Friday, January 4, 2008

MTBiking this weekend (Jan 5 & Jan 6)

Penang Round Island Ride - Saturday (Jan 5), start from E-Park at 7:15am sharp.

Penang Hill Ride - Sunday (Jan 6), meet at Botanical Garden entrance at 8am sharp.

Interested to join? Contact Peng Soon at +60195557609.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Jan 1st 2008 ride report

Kulim ride to Kuala Muda for fish lunch. Big surprise when 30 riders turnup. Smooth ~110km ride. Met a GIANT cyclist on touring bike from Germany. In comparison Kulim Lee looks like Kitto…and Kitto looks like k**. Hard to describe thru words…look at the pic. Downside for the day, the famous ikan panggang at Kota Kuala Muda store was closed. (reported by Danny)

Dec 30th 2007 ride report

140 cyclist from all over turn up in all forms of bikes, Road, MTB and tribike. Pretty much out of controlled ride due to the span of cyclist but it was an enjoyful event. One small accident involving our MKH mate, Stephen in Batu Ferringi, turns out he is ok and was able to ride back safely. Hilite of the day: Chong Meng turns wild and decided to “punch” Kulim Lee in a disagreement over ……guess what? (reported by Danny)