Tuesday, June 26, 2007

MKH secretary is out this week

No update on this sunday ride. Please get hold of captain.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Kulim Weekly ride - Jun 24th 2007

Kulim - B.Kurau - Kulim. 7:30am at J.Hutan.

Monday, June 11, 2007

No title

I believe most of us do not know who is Terence Powerbar Penguin. Here is what I know: He was selected as PowerBar Team Elite in year 2006. He competed in marathon, duathlon…..One year ago he was diagnosed with brain tumor and he has passed away last Friday at aged 40+ (married with one kid). Do I know him? No, I don’t know him but I did see him during one of the Malakoff race. The message I want to emphasize is, LIFE is SHORT. Sometime it is shorter than we thought it should be. So don’t take things for granted. Don’t worry too much because by the time we have answer for our worries we may be either left the world or too old to do anything. Go out and achieve something for yourself. Don’t worry whether you can complete the race or not, we can always come back and try again as long as we are still alive. There is no winner who never has failure. Just Do It MKH!! Something to share http://cjcphoto.com/can/

Mengkuang MTB GP 2007 (Jun)

No cover story because secretary absent during the event :) But photos are uploaded to http://asia.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/maycheah_2006/album?.dir=/5560scd
And we have a new nick name for David, Mr39. Ask him if you want to know why he he he he.....it is related to Mr40.
Race result (from Danny):
Men Open - Jar (4th), Ah Boy (10th)
Men Veteran (35-40) - Khalib (3rd), Danny (4th), David (8th)
Men Veteran >41 - Wahab (5th), Isa (7th)

Kulim Weekly ride - June 17th 2007

Kulim-B Hijau-Serdang-A Putih-Kulim. 7:30am sharp at J.Hutan. Enjoy the Father's day ride for all the bapa.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

June 2nd Kulim-Perlis

Tagging along with the heat of Giro d'italia, the MKH decided to organize a MKH d'Perlisia. There is no Di Luca because Cannondale rider vacation in Cameron. But we have Danny Schleck with his favorite Cervelo and David Simoni who conquered Monte Zoncolan ha ha ha......Anyone plan to get a BMC? Cool time trial bike.

On a cooling June 2nd 7:30am at Lee's house, 14 riders are all set to complete the 185km ride to Perlis Padang Besar. At mid day when the temperature is rising it starts to drain out the riders energy but we were fortunate to be treated with kenduri style at Wadi's house for lunch at Kangar. After recharged team continue to complete the 30+km to Padang Besar. The day ended with seafood and shopping.

Second day, captain suffered from diarrhea but the ride has to continue as well. The plan is to go around Perlis area from Padang Besar passing thru the sugar cane area. We stopped by at the Bukit Ayer Jungle Park for group photo and continue the journey back to Padang Besar. Wahab treated the team with his kampung style home cook lunch. Yummy.
For more photos please go to http://asia.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/maycheah_2006/album?.dir=/a7cdscd&urlhint=actn,ren%3as,2%3af,0