Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ipoh Special ride - Oct 7th 2007

Friendly ride with Ipoh and KL riders at Ipoh. For those who are interested can meet at Bukit Merah rest area on Oct 7th at 5:30am. Please join this Sun (Sept 30th) ride to discuss detail about transportation.
p/s: MKH, be humble a bit and don't keep attacking others riders. As this is just a friendly ride to make more friends :)

Weekly ride Sept 30th 2007

Kulim - Bukit Hijau - Air Puteh - Kulim. 7:30am sharp at J.Hutan.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Weekly ride Sept 23rd 2007

Kulim - Lenggong (Perak) one way. Then enjoy fresh water fish and Lenggong famous fish ball. For transportation arrangement from Lenggong to Kulim please get hold of Lee or Danny.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Weekly ride Sept 16th

Kulim - Serdang - B.Hijau. Siok siok ride saja. After ride whoever is interested and not fasting can join the gang to have curry prawns at S.Udang.
7:30am sharp at J.Hutan.

Monday, September 10, 2007

PCC Interstate Photos

You can visit the PCC official website to view the photos. These are two i got from the website with MKH members; Danny and Khalib. If you have any PCC photos to share please do send to

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Weekly ride Sept 9th 2007

Come and join us for a warm down ride this Sunday after a gruesome 4 days interstate last week. Kulim - K.Masjid 7:30am J.Hutan. See you there.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

PCC Interstate Day 1: Ipoh to Taiping

With a filled stomach from last night dinner I believe we all slept well. I look at my handphone clock and it showed 4:11am. Damn....2 hours earlier than my normal weekday routine. What to do as we love food and we must have dim sum before we suffer for the next 5-6 hours on the road. It was 5:15am when we stand in front of the dim sum store with door closed but we were lucky as one small dim sum shop already open down the street. Yum yum....
We ride to Sri Malaysia to meet up with the Kulim gang and head to the starting point, Casuarina Hotel. We let the PCC official riders go 1st since we are considered "lumba haram" because we did not register for PCC officially. At the same time Danny tyre burst so we all waitied for him for ~30mins. Danny and Khalib will need to go at least 40km/hr to close the gap with the 1st pelaton and they did, not surpise to us.
The route is really unique where it passed thru many small villages with less car and more side view. We ride thru Perlop, Lintang, Kati, Karai, Kuala Kangsar, Padang Rengas, Air Kuning and last stop at Taiping Lake Garden. Places that we never heard off and it is really an enjoyment plus the countless rolling hills that added more fun to the ride...yahoooo....When we reached Taiping my meter show 155km at 1:15pm. But Danny and the gang should be there an hour earlier.
Dinner, must talk about food other than riding la. We went to Matang to have seafood (somewhere close to Sepatang) which is recommended by a local Taiping dude. I am sure we all made our stomach very happy that night. By the way, we got a surprise call from chipsmore said he is on his way joining us riding tomorrow. Mr Chipsmore is always unpredictable. But i am sure we all happy to have him around. Day 2 Taiping to Bukit Mertajam be continue.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Day1:PCC Interstate Eve ride - Aug 30 Pg to Ipoh

Total distance based on my speedometer: 171km from Penang Island to Ipoh Utara.
Early in the morning where the moon is still high in the sky we started our journey in Penang and 2nd group in Kulim. We met up at Sungai Bakap after 2 hours ride plus ferry to Butterworth. Traffic at Prai was horrible and we have to stop multiple times to squeeze thru between cars/bas kilang/lorry and some senseless/selfish drivers. Our 1st stop at Kamunting for a quick breakfast before we continue our journey. Another stop at Kuala Kangsar for a cooling "mata kucing" and "air kelapa". Someone has to recall my memory because i think we stop at Chemor (or somewhere else) to take cover from the heavy rain. It is to avoid the bike getting wet and dirty (ya for those who loves bike more than themselves). For the last 20km the secretary was suffering as the lactic acid accumulate on her tight that she can hardly pedal >20km/hr. Thank you for those who waited for her. We parted at Tasek and ended our 1st day ride with all arrive safe and sound. The Peng Soon's group took a cab to the town to have a sumptuous feast at "Lo Wong" bean sprout chicken shop. We consumed one whole chicken with many phoenix feets as well (chicken feet la in lay man term). We called it a feast because for the last few hours we only have water, 100 plus, water....... Of course we did not stop here and continue to have fried koay teow the ipoh way then fruit ice kacang before we call it end. What a day! Got to sleep early as someone suggested to go have breakfast at 5am!!