Thursday, July 31, 2008

BM Mountain Cross 2008

Event date : 9th Nov 2008
Start time: 8am
Venue: Sg Lembu Light Industrial Park Bukit Mertajam
Distance 40km
Reg fees : rm 50 (Jersey provided)
Closing Date 20th Oct 2008

Limited to 500 participants (currently 300 registered)
For more information visit the following website

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Interesting Pre-MKH picture sharing

Pedu Lake July 2006
Lumut Dec 2006 Lenggong Oct 2006 Pulau Banding Nov 2005 PCC August 2005 PCC Aug 2005 Cameron Highlands June 2005 Perlis Apr 2005 Danny and Jafaidus at Penang Jamboree Dec 2004

Monday, July 28, 2008

Aug 2 Kulim To Lumut Ride & Aug 3 Janamanjung Fellowship Ride update

Exciting weekend ride ahead...Saturday Aug 2 Kulim-Lumut ride (160km). Meet at Lee's house in Kulim at 7.15am. Ride will start at 7.30 sharp. Sunday Aug 3, Janamanjung fellowship ride ~145km. For those who have registered for the sunday event and wish to ride from Kulim to Lumut pls contact Lee.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday July 27 Ride to Merbok/Tanjung Dawai outcome

Around 20 riders turned out and completed in the first ever ride to Tanjung Dawai via Merbok. Total ride distance 158km. Big plus for the ride is the ikan panggang meal and by the sea side. Couple of mechanical issues slowed down the ride, we had puncture, loose bottom bracket and chain drop.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Saturday July 26 Relau-Air Itam - Balik Pulau - Sg Ara ride

Due to bad weather condition on friday Bkt Gambir/Lamsua MTB ride will be replaced by Relau(Road) - Air itam(Road) - Balik Pulau (trail) - Sg Ara (trail) ride. Starting place is at the traffic lights near Lake View apartments(o the way to Paya Terubong Hills) at 7.30am

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Saturday July 26 Bkt Gambir/Lamsua MTB ride

Route and starting point changed due to wet conditions..refer to latest posting....will resume this route at a later time

MTB offroad ride starting from Bukit Gambir(junction leading to housing area) at 730am sharp. Expected route Bkt Gambir-Lamsua-Tun Sardon Hills and finally Sg Ara hills. be prepared for fair amount of climbing and technical offroad. Interested contact Danny Khaw(012-4305049)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More Ipoh Century ride pic

Additional Pictures. courtesy of PM Teh

Monday, July 21, 2008

Janamanjung Fellowship ride 2008 -MKH update

Approximately 25 MKH riders will be participating in the ride on Sunday,Aug 3 (145km). We will have a 2 day ride event ie ride down from Kulim to Lumut on Aug 2 and join the official ride event on Aug 3. Approximately 10-12 riders planned to cycle down from Kulim to Lumut(160km)and the rest will drive down. Anyone interested to join pls call Danny (012-4305049) or Lee (012-4221088)for more details

Sun July27 Road ride in Kulim

Ride to Merbok. Ride start from Jabatan Hutan, Kulim at 7.30am on Sunday July 27

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Round Penang Island on MTB this Saturday (July 19)

Start from E-Park at 7:15am and we will pick up riders from Gurney traffic light (in front of Sunrise Tower) at 7:40am. Interested to join? Let me know. email: or 019-5557609.

Ipoh Century Ride 2008 - MKH edition

Statistic: 25 MKH riders participated, 12 came in under 5hrs and 5 achieve top 10 podium finishes in respective category. Lots of happy moments and sense of achievements for the relatively new MKH group.

The ride : 160km with mixture of steep rolling hills and flats.

Acknowledgements: Hats off to the KRI organizers in their effort and ability to pull together a very well organized event,definitely the "one' to benchmark in recent times. Interesting route, good support along the way and good lunch too. Very timely delivery of medals, throphies and certificate too. On local side, big thanks to all the MKH support crew namely Sam, Jamil, Sherlyn Khaw and others including sponsors of food and support vehicle who has helped to make this a more joyful event for the MKH riders.

Below are pictures courtesy of Sam, Jamil, Sherlyn Khaw and official KRI photographers

Pic: Stephen Ong(2nd from the right). 4th placing for men open

Pic: Danny Khaw and Koh Chong Meng were 3rd and 4th respectively for Men veteran

Pic: Jafaidus and Sean (2nd and 3rd from the right) were 7th and 9th respectively for men OpenPic: Some MKH riders during the lunch and prize presentation
Action Pic : Break away group of 12 riders after 40+km

Action Pic: Jafaidus and Stephen in action
Action Pic: Choon Seng our Cameron Highland rider pushing uphill ???

Action Pic : Another Cameron rider (Peng Seng) in action
Action Pic: Ah Wei enjoying his ride...looking calm

Action Pic: Tense situation...minutes before initial attacks
Action Pic: Fauzi leading the pack (he eventually came in 11 placing, just 2 sec shy of 10th placing. Relatively good performance for a 1st timer

Action Pic: Khalib and Lan leading the rest of the MKH riders
Action Pic: Eddie (far right) seems to be riding with out teammates....
Action Pic: Usual stuff for Chong Meng..always in the lead and pulling everyone else !!!!
Action Pic : More MKH riders in action
Action Pic : Riders working well together
Action Pic: at the starting line...featuring Harun,Khalib and Nizam
Action Pic: Wow....Ong Boon Kok in attack position?
Action Pic: At the front of the pack..all attentive as usual
Action Pic : Main peloton in action
Action Pic : First MKH rider to cross the line
Pic : Early MKH arrivals.....Look who is in the background.."Ah Boy" despite his recent injuries came to Ipoh to support the group
Action Pic: Rare pic for Peng Soon...lonely it seems but surely as calm as ever...

Sunday 20th July 2008

Regular road ride starting from Jabatan Hutan at 7.30am to Selama-Mahang.

Kuala Kangsar Jamboree 29th June 2008 -Pic update

Ride pictures from Kuala Kangsar Jamboree courtesy of Sherlyn Khaw, Pic : Some of MKH participants
Peng Seng : Father and son team...same bike same jersey

Fresh water seafood lunch
We are just not cyclist but........

Pic: Nizam in action