Sunday, May 31, 2009

Overwhelming response to joint road/mtb ride in Kulim

We have an overwhelming response from the first of its kind event in Kulim where fast mountain bikers were invited to join a shorter version of regular sunday Kulim road ride. There were also several new roadies who took the opportuinity to try it out too. Overall 53 riders turned out with 22 MTB and 31 road bikes. We have mountain biker groups coming from Penang, Kulim and also 4 from Cameron Highlands. Noticed that most of MTB could follow the overall pace ranging between 30-38kmh, and also perform exceptionally well at the hills. We have couple of drop-outs from some road and MTB but that is quite normal, keep will make it one day. There are several request for this type of event(less than 100km) on monthly or bi-monthly basis. MKH will look at the possibility of supporting the request. Finally congrats to all that make it thru the complete 90km loop at road bike speed and for those who did not keep trying. One final observation is that there are some relatively new riders who did not follow safe practices while following a peloton, most obvious is wheel overlapping and sudden overtaking from the left without any notice, do hope that we can all learn together to make it a safer ride. As for the timing we were off by about 30 min due to one wheel overlaping related accident, 2 punctures, crank arm detached!! and basic waiting due to sizable differences in rider abilities. Some pictures of the ride today.....

Pic below : at the start of the ride
Pic Below: we 50+ riders we fill out the whole restaurant for breakfast
Pic Below: Last hill climb

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Saturday May 30th - Round island ride

Simple round island ride. starting from Sg Ara, Dinas Restaurant at 7am. Relatively slow ride so all are welcome. For further ride pls contact Danny.

Clarification to Sunday May31 kulim road ride

There were several questions regarding whether this is a road bike or mountain bike ride? To clarify this is a road bike ride, so roadies pls show up on your road bikes (optional for you if you want to use a mountain bike). We will have strong pure mountain bikers (who do not own a road bike) that will join this road ride. Expect to see at least 10-15 mountain bikers from various group within the region.

Pls refer to older post for more ride details.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Saturday May23 Road ride and durian Breakfast

Route : E-Park (7:15am) - Gelugor - Greenlane - Gurney Sunrise Traffic Light (7:45am) - Teluk Bahang - Balik Pulau (~9:30am, Durian) - Bayan Lepas - Home

For those who wanted to have durian, we proceed to the farm. Others can stop for breakfast at the Balik Pulau market and ride home first.
If you plan to join us for durian, do inform Peng Soon as need to make reservation.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Invitation for MKH riders to Jafirdaus wedding reception

Jafirdaus bin Jamaludin and Siti Hajar Binti Zakaria will like to invite all MKH riders to their wedding reception on Sunday May 31 at 15, Taman Seri Kulim from 12-5pm . For those riding in the morning Kulim road ride and need direction, pls contact Kulim Lee or Nizam or Harun. Alternatively we can make arrangement to convoy to wedding venue.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sunday May 24 Kulim Road ride

Destination - Kulim- Bkt Selambau-Gurun ride
Start point: Jabatan Hutan at 7.30am
Extected distance : 140km

Special MKH ride on Sunday May 31

Sunday, May 31 - We will have a special ride setup dedicate to fast MTB riders around Penang/Seberang/Kulim region. Speed will be control to around 32kmh. Will start from Kulim Jabatan Hutan, Jalan Kilang Lama at 730am. Will ride to Sungai Tengas - Air Puteh and back to Kulim. Expected distance 85-90km. For roadies who have MTB and would like to join our MTB friends, you are welcome to do so. If you have not rode with MKH road cycling group before and physically fit, do not miss this opportunity.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Ipoh Century Ride Forms

Event date July 19, 2009

Saturday May16 - Round island ride

Start from E-park at 715am or Gurney Sunrise Traffic Light at 745am.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sunday, May 17 Kulim Road ride to Bkt Hijau

We will have a relatively easy ride to Bkt Hijau on Sunday May 17. Start from Jabatan Hutan at 730am sharp. Expected distance 120km.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

2nd 200KM ride in less than 10 days

2nd 200KM ride in less than 10 days !!!!
What was originally estimated 170km ride turned out to be a 200km ride to Kuala Sapatang and back. We rode an "DEMANDING" 93km for a plate of Mee Udang. Ride was pretty smooth and "no punctures". Looks like every one check their tires this time. Started with 16 riders from Kulim and joined with 3 others on the way. 11 riders completed the 200km inclusive of a 15km round Kulim Hi-tech Park, lead my our local Kulim-German tour guide, Rami..... Another group of 3 riders separated at Junjong and ended at Penanti with with estimated distance of 210km..Well done folks!

Pictures below: After 200km

Pictures below: After 93km,at Kuala Sapatang Mee Udang

Pictures below : For those who missed the great lunch (especially for Lee)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Monday May 11 - Round island ride

Ride start at 7:15am from Epark or 7:45am at Gurney Sunrise traffic light. For info contact Peng Soon

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lake Toba MTB race 2009

There will be a MTB race on Jun 7th in Lake Toba, Indonesia. There will be a group from Malaysia that will participate and will leave on the 5th and back on the 8th. All domestic transport/transfer and accomodation are covered by the event organizers. This is circuit/loop race and is sub divided into 5 main categories, Junior, Elite, Team Open, Junior veteran (35-40) and Senior Veteran(>41). For those MKH riders who are interested pls contact Danny before May 15

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sunday May 10, Road ride in Kulim

Will resume Kuala Sapatang ride that was cancelled last sunday due to rain. Meet at Jabatan Hutan at 7.30 am

Janamanjung Felloship ride registration

For those who intend to take participate in JMFR 2009 and wish to register under MKH, Pls print out the form (listed on last week's posting), fill it and pass it to Harun together with the rm 40 registration during this Sunday's ride.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

PLS Take note :Today's (May 3)road ride cancelled due to Heavy rain in Kulim

Pls take note :Today's (May 3)road ride cancelled due to heavy rain in Kulim.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Update on MKH2009 Jersey

We have officially ordered the Jersey after settling on formalities with our sponsor. We do expect the jersey to be ready for distribution sometime in June. We will do a group photo for website update and also provide courtesy copy to our sponsor. We predict that the first event with the new jerseys will be Ipoh Century ride 2009. Thank you for your patience and support.

We hit 200km on May 1 2009

We have 9 riders (not sure what happened to the rest) turned up at 7am to ride at a somewhat less known route to Kulim-Baling-Weng -Sik and back to Kulim. 3 riders beat their own personal best interms of distance, Congratulations! It was a relatively smooth and incident free ride. The next time we attempt this route it go further north to Nami before turning back. Expected distance will be closer to 250km.
Pic below: 7 out of the 9 riders, Lee and Wei not in Pic