Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Weekly ride June 26th 2007

Kulim -B Bahru - S. Tengas. 7:30am sharp meet at J. Hutan.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ipoh Century Ride - Result is out

MKH Boleh !!! We are proud to say that we grabbed 4 awards out from the 11 they offerred. Bravora!! The 1st pelaton team has a good strategy (2 pages) started with 6 riders and the top 3 riders did it in sub 5 hours (wa lau). That will be Ching Chai, Danny and Stephen. Well done guys. The 2nd big pelaton manage to reach finishing line at 6 hr :1 mins (average). Total distance based on my very "lau ya" speedometer is 164km. Everyone has a lot of fun and i am sure we will be back next year. We can suggest to the organizer for 200km!! No problem la, the Kulim team has been doing weekly ride about 100km-180km. Please start training now as many riders wants to defeat MKH next year. May be next year we will wear something without the word MKH. If not will kena teruk teruk attack here and there. For more photos please go to: http://asia.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/maycheah_2006/album?.dir=/763escd&.src=ph&.tok=phNEStGBPw7U.j12

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

June Long Distance Riding..Perlis trip

Day 1, June 2nd: Kulim Perlis (senang senang kayuh)
Day 2, June 3rd: Tour De Perlis then drive back from Perlis to Kulim

For more info please call our captian Mr Lee. 012-422-1088.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

MKH chapter 1

MKH?? Ok, the team was formed early 2007 by a group of cyclist from Penang and Kulim. Some say Butterworth, KL and Cameron..... Anyway, it does not matter because the group will take whoever are interested in cycling be it road or mountain bike. There is no member fee required and you just need to buy the team jersey with approval from our captain. Who is our captain? You won't miss him in the crowd because he is >6 feet tall. (see photo on right).
Captain: Kulim Lee (nick name, because Kulim is not a Christian name...ha!)
Coach: Danny (consultant for bike building with desire weight and cost)
Secretary: SL (part time with no pay)
eBay expert: Peng Soon (as well as Penang sat and Cameron ride organizer)
Ironman category: Khalib, Danny, David, Chong Meng and Ching Hoe
Bike cleaner expert: Nizam (even up to the chain which looks new all the time)
Mr Chipmore: Chong Meng
Dog's rival: Ah Beh (always attacked by dog during cycling)
Most punctual riders: Harun, follow by Danny
Regular riders: David, Zul, Khalib, Chin Chai, Kitto, Roger, Jai Wei, Nizam, Eddy, Yeoh, Tommy, Ching Hoe, Peng Seng, Choon Seng, Jar....
Total number of members: ~60
Weekly ride: Sunday 7:30am meet at Kulim Jabatan Hutan. (May 13th: Kulim-S.Tengas-Bukit Hijau kyh siok-siok)
Email address: MKHKayuh@gmail.com
We make our 1st team appearance on Sunday May 6th Ipoh Century ride organized by Ipoh Roadrunner club. 30 MKH members took part and managed to grab 4 awards out from the 11. 3 from men open and 1 from women open. You can view the event photos: http://asia.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/maycheah_2006/album?.dir=/763escd&.src=ph&.tok=phNEStGBPw7U.j12
p/s: if you want to know what is does MKH stands for...come and join us.