Tuesday, August 26, 2008

No MTB or Road rides for this weekend

Pls take note that there will be no MTB or road rides this weekend. 13 people(incl mountain bikers) will be travelling down to KL to participate in the PCC Interstate 2008 ride.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ride to Kuala Muda instead of Tanjung Dawai

13 riders turn out for the ride intended to Tanjung Dawai. We ended up in
Kuala muda due to several unschedule delays due to 2 tyre punctures, pedal separation problems and a carpark fall and other unscheduled delays. Decided to ride pass Pematang Pauh where the the critical bi-election will be held next week. Colorful banners but the town area looks relatively calm.

Pic: At Water Stop

Pic : Carpark accident (Eddie jatuh siok siok)
Pic : Scene at Permatang Pauh bi-election area

Friday, August 22, 2008

Sat Aug 23. Round Penang Island ride

Round Island starting from E-Park at 7.15, Shell Green Land at 7.25 and Gurney traffic lights (infront ot sunrise Tower) at 7.40am. Relatively slow on the road with mixture of MTB and road bikes.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sunday Aug24 road ride

Road ride to Tanjung Dawai 170km. Start from Jabatan hutan at 730am. This will be last full MKH organized ride for our Muslim friends before Ramadan month. There will be no ride in Kulim next week

Sunday, August 17, 2008

More SP MTB jamboree action pic

Publishing some MKH action picture downloaded from Org website

Earliest MKH arrival. Jaf...how come your shoes looks so clean ?
Action at the front
Another Front action : Ching Hoe looking happy
Next time slow down a bit lah!

Cheers !!
Duathlon or MTB event ? Anyway, it is close the finishing line
As usual Wahab "in action"
Guess who came to support Faizal?
Till next year......The end

Baling-Gulau-Baling ride

11 riders showed up for the 116km ride covering many hills and Tasik Beris. Pretty hot day and many punctures along the way due to bad road conditions. Below are some pic of Tasik Beris and rest point.

Surprise visit and support from Faizal of Dreamwerks Cycle
providing valuable support and services

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Info on PCC Interstate ride

Info from PCC organisers :-

Ride dates 29 - 31 August 2008


Date: Tuesday 26 August 2008
Time: 8.00pm – 9.30pm
Venue: First Floor, McDonalds, Centrepoint, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya

Daily briefings will be held at dinnertime during the event to brief participants on the next day's route and arrangements. Please be at dinner venue everyday.

Collection Arrangement

26 August 2008 (Tuesday)
8.00pm – 9.30pm
McDonalds Centrepoint, Bandar Utama
28 August 2008 (Thursday)
8.30pm – 9.30pm
Prescott Metro Inn, Kajang
29 August 2007 (Friday)
4.00pm – 5.00pm
Era Hotel, Bahau
Note: All goodie bags must be collected by Day 1, Friday 29 August 2008, 5.00pm

Ride starts officially every day from the following points:
Day 1: Prescott Metro Inn, Kajang – 6.30am
Day 2: Era Hotel, Bahau – 6.30am
Day 3: Rompin Beach Resort , Kuala Rompin– 6.30am

All riders are required to be at the starting point at least 30 minutes before start, ready-to-ride.


Use the North-South Highway and exit Kajang. After toll, turn left into Kajang. Straight all the way pass another toll (RM1.00) After toll take the 3rd left turn (Jalan Bukit). Note: Do not take the 2nd left (sign that says Kajang but is the wrong exit). At Jalan Bukit you will be parallel to the railway track (on left), all the way straight till T-junction traffic lights and Prescott Metro Inn is next to traffic lights on the left. Obviously, turn left and go into the parking.

Accommodation for Day 0 in Kajang is strictly your own arrangement and cost. The number to call is 03-87375555 (Ms Afida) for room reservation and quote PCC. Alternative is to drive down early morning on Friday!

DAY 1 REGISTRATION (Prescott Metro Inn)
Time: 6.00 – 6.30am
· All participants are required to sign in with the Marshals at the designated counter. This is to enable us to keep track of and account for all participants. Please show your bike tag to sign in.
· Drivers of support vehicles are required to register their vehicle registration number and mobile phone contact at the counter.
· All participants without personal support vehicles, please refer below for baggage arrangement.

· All participants without personal support vehicles are required to load their baggage onto the official Baggage Truck on your own at least 30 minutes prior to starting time. Failing which you shall lug your own baggage all the way to the next destination. The Baggage Truck will proceed straight to the next hotel with your baggage. Day 1 baggage loading is from 5.45am to 6.15am.
· For Day 2 and 3, please ensure that your baggage is loaded onto the Baggage Truck at least 30 minutes before start of ride. We shall be very strict about this.
· Baggage Unloading has to be done on your own by 2.00pm daily.
· Baggage Tagging is compulsory for every baggage you load onto the bus. Please provide at least the basic information of name (as per registration) and mobile no.
· Travel light. Please note that 3 busloads of people will need to load their baggage just like you. So, please travel light and bring only the necessity.
· Please make sure you park your vehicles at the designated area at Prescott Metro Inn.

This is a voluntary service and PCC shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage to your baggage.

Day 0 Starting Point
Prescott Metro Inn, Kajang Tel : 03 87375555
Day 1 Destination
Era Hotel, Bahau Tel: 06 4553300
Day 2 Destination
Rompin Beach Resort, Kuala Rompin Tel: 09 4141367
Day 3 Destination
De Rhu Beach Resort, Kuantan Tel: 09 5579000

Room Keys
All participants shall be pre-checked into each hotel. On arrival, all participants must report to the designated Marshal at the designated counter to collect the keys to pre-assigned rooms. You shall be allocated rooms based on your groupings or preference indicated in your registration form.

No one is allowed approach the hotel reception to collect keys individually.

Check-In Time
Please note that check-in time is 3.00pm daily. Should the rooms be available earlier, we will arrange accordingly. The marshal reserves the right or decision for key allocation and room availability.
Name Tag
Day 1 on checking in, you shall be given your nametag which shall be worn at all times in the hotels. It makes it easier for fellow participants to get to know you. You will need to produce your nametag to access the dining area and all event sites.

Accommodation Type
Rooms are based on triple sharing and quad-sharing basis depending on hotels. Please note that you may be sharing room with other participants. So please be courteous and neat.

Bicycle Storage
Please store your bikes at designated bicycle storage areas allocated by the hotel. Nice to view and admire other participant’s bike but please do not touch them. You do not want others to harass your bike too. We do not want any case of bike harassment. Please also be very careful when storing your bike. Do not scratch other bikes. We all love and respect our bikes.

* NEVER use hotel towels to clean your bike unless you do not mind paying RM100 for the towel.

Extra Bed/Mattresses
Rooms may come in single, double and queen size bed. If you are used to sleeping alone on a king size bed, extra bed or mattresses are available on a limited basis from each hotel at your own cost.

Telephones/Room Bar
All usage of hotel telephones/room bar is at your own cost. Please pay your consumption or telephone charges at reception before the start of every day’s ride. Otherwise it will create unnecessary delay to the ride.

A group photo will be taken at 5.30pm on Day 1 at Era Hotel, Bahau. All participants are required to wear the event jersey and nametag for this occasion. Please be on time.

Please be informed that the event package includes dinner on all 3 days as follows:
Time: 6.30pm daily
Venue: Ballroom of the hotel or resort.
· Breakfast and lunch are on your own. Participants are advised to stock their breakfast the night before, as watering holes (makan places) may be scarce on the routes during ride.
· Lunch is on your own and restaurants are available at all 3 hotels but if you prefer more variety of food, you are advised to have your lunch before arriving at the hotels.
· Breakfast for Day 4 is included at De Rhu Beach Resort, Kuantan.
· There will be a Sahur Breakfast for fellow Muslims.
Please note that the cut-off time for Day 1 & Day 3’s ride is 3.00pm and Day 2 is 5.00pm. Sweeper vehicle MAY be deployed to pick up cyclists after the cut-off time. Call or sms to 012 2221200 (James) or 016 2122696 (Soh) if you still want to ride on so that we are aware of your situation but you will be doing so at your own risk.

Please note that this is not a race. There is plenty of time to complete the course.

Private support vehicles shall depart daily half an hour after the ride has started. For safety reasons, no support vehicles are allowed to tail or draft riders. They must overtake riders safely and proceed ahead to the next town/kampung and wait. If they wish to stop along the route, they may do so only at places where they can get off the road ENTIRELY and not be in the way of the riders. Never park along the road itself. Remember we are travelling on mostly narrow country roads. All support vehicles are requested to stop and render assistance to ANY riders in distress.

All support vehicle drivers are advised to read the Route Guide in advance of each day's journey and carry it with them for reference.

· All participants will be given a Route Guide each listing out the key landmarks/junctions along each day's route, the corresponding cumulative mileage points and the directions to follow. Supplementing this will be signage planted at all critical junctions to further guide participants. With these, the onus is on the rider to find his/her way to each day's destination. There will be no sweeping vehicles following.
· The rides each day will start SHARP at designated time in front of each hotel's lobby. All riders are required to sign out with the Logistic Marshal at least 15 minutes before the ride commences.
· The Chief Marshal vehicle shall lead out the ride until a particular point. Until then you cannot overtake Chief Marshal vehicle. Thereafter you shall rely on the Route Guide and road signage planted by the Chief Marshal to find your way to the destination. All riders are advised NOT to overtake the Chief Marshal. Riders are especially advised to pace themselves well on all days.
· On arrival at each day's destination, riders are required to sign in with the Logistic Marshal so that we can account for all riders.

It is the responsibility of the rider to be self sufficient on food and water. Please take note of the available watering holes along the route, as there may be limited watering holes in between.

This is not a race. Safety comes first for the whole event. It is the responsibility of all participants both riders and support vehicle drivers to make sure safety is observed at all times with top priority.

Taillights are compulsory while front lights are highly recommended.

It is compulsory to have your helmet on at all times when you are on your bike. You will not be allowed to ride if you forget your helmet.

Strictly no helmet no ride!

For riders taking the return bus on Monday 1 September 2008, please be informed that you must be ready to pack and load your baggage and bike onto the bus by 11.00am. The bus shall leave the hotel at 12.00pm SHARP and expected to arrive at Prescott Metro Inn, Kajang by 5.30pm.
All passengers are required to dismantle their bikes (wheels and pedals) for loading into the back of the buses. Large plastic bags will be provided for this purpose.

Chief Marshal - Christina Chen 012 2221600
Event Marshal - James Bak 012 2221200
Event Marshall - Soh Tze Hong 016 2122696
Route Marshal - Ivan Chan 012 3792979
Route Marshall - William Mok 017 8189638
Logistic Marshal - O’neill Pheh 012 3219810
Logistic Marshal - Jenny Khor 012 4052348
PCC President - Rob Schorr 012 6191308

Friday, August 15, 2008

Saturday Aug 16 MTB Ride

Route Bkt Gambir-Paya Terubong- Lam Sua- Tun Sardon-Sg Ara. Start from bottom of Bkt Gambir (near the traffic lights) at 7.30am. Those from the south who wish to join can particularly from Sg Ara can join Danny who will be leaving from there at 7am.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sunday Aug 17 Road ride

Start from Mc Dota, Baling at 8.30am. Distance 110km. Route: Baling-Weng-Sik-Gulau-Baling

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sungai Petani MTB Jamboree 2008

About 15 MKH riders took part in the 45km event. The route was fantastic and almost ridable for most riders across the whole distance. Good signage and mixture of up and downhills. One key surprise for lots of riders is that there seems to be so many hills around that area,. Kudos to the organisers for being able share their richness of Sg Petani MTB trails to a wide span participants from all over Malaysia and abroad. All MKH riders ended safely, only one minor bike breakdown forcing the rider to run the last 10km to the finish line. Some pic at the finishing event.

Pic1 : Scene at the finishing line

Pic 2: Some MKH participants enjoying their rest after the ride
Pic 3 : More group pictures
Pic 4: Another relaxing scene
Pic 5: MKH friends, Sofee and wife at the finish line
Pic 6: Broken RD hanger due from that converted from biking to running for the MKH participant

More Janamanjung pictures

Pic from Event organisers...from starting to ending line

Pic 1: Many MKH and Letua friends at the starting line
Pic2 : Mandatory stop at TNB for the sponsors
Pic 3 : At the front of the group
Pic 4 : Action pic at a sharp junction
Pic5 : More action pictures
Pic6 :....and more at the same junction
Pic 7 : Moments when rider "tak dengar arahan" ie Marshall speed was at 25kmh
Pic 8: Calm ride after speed raised to 30Kmh
Pic9: Situation at the peloton when finally Marshalls allow >35kmh...too dangerous for refreshments. but everyone is happy to get to the finishing line fast
Pic 10 : Horsepower at the front
Pic 11 : Crusing speed at close to 40kmh but every one still looks very much "calm"
Pic 12 : Less than 5km to go
Pic 13: Stronger riders caught relaxing at the back of the peloton
Pic 14 : Some of MKH MTB riders in action at the front
Pic 15: What a gentleman!! the guys let the lady finished ahead of them at the finishing line
Pic 16: Early finishing view of the carpark....
Pic 17: And finally our support car and crew....Jamil and WH

Thursday, August 7, 2008

NO road ride in Kulim this weekend

Do take note that there will be no road ride in Kulim on his Sunday. Some MKH's MTB riders will be participating in Sungai Petani MTB event.

Kulim to Lumut and Janamanjung fellowship ride on Aug 2 & 3

11 riders cycled down from Kulim to Lumut covering 172km on Aug 2 followed by JMFR 2008 138km on Sunday Aug 3. Over 20 MKH riders took part on the sunday ride. Route was great but the was"dangerous" in the way the ride was handled. Nevertheless as first event organisers, they did take some inputs on the fly and was able to turn around towards the end of the ride.

Photos courtesy of Jamil