Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More June 28 Cameron Pictures

As promised..here are more of the cameron pictures courtesy of Jane Lim.
For complete photo compilation pls click on the link below

nd finally the photographer...probably bored of taking cycling pictures decided to take with Orang Asli

Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunday July 5 - Merbok Ride from Kulim

Destination is Merbok via Bukit Selambau. Will start from usual starting place ie Jabatan Hutan at 7.30am. Expected distance is around 140km.

Cameron Ride outcome - Sunday June 29

About 80 riders spanning from Kedah all the way to KL joined the ride including 7 Cameron Highland MTB riders that specially drove down from Cameron to Ipoh and rode back to their home town. This is a great example of simple but yet friendly ride, First time after 3-4 jointly trips that there was orderly/discipline ride from Simpang Pulai to Tapah reducing lots of road congestion and danger pose to both motorist and cyclist on the busy trunk road. On behalf on MKH cycling group we would like to thank UCI for pulling this together. We hope that we MKH/UCI can pull together more one day (Sunday) rides in vincinity between Ipoh/Penang in the future where night stopovers can be avoided to create fun and opportunity for fellow cyclist.

Below are some pictures at the start. First apperance of 2009 MKH jersey.

There might be more actual action or ride pictures from Jane Lim who was very "camera" active during the ride...stay tune.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Action Pictures from NTMTBA '09

Action pictures courtesy of event organizers

Pic below: First pack of 20 riders

Pic Below: Breakaway attempt - spliting up the front peleton

Misc Pictures of MKH riders

Cameron Ride on June 28

Road ride starts at Simpang Pulai 7.30am SHARP. Late riders will have to ride on their own. Distance 182KM. Note that this not a race, pls ride safely and observe traffic rules especially on the trunk road where traffic will be heavy

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More Janamanjung pictures are available now

Here are the latest update on Janamanjung pictures courtesy of Jamil.
We thank him for his support and also being our key camera man for all the major events.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

BM Mountain Bike Carnival

BM Mountain Bike Carnival 2009 is scheduled on 11 October 2009, starting at Mengkuang Dam. Registration fee = RM 50

Another exciting event for MKH - Nibong Tebal Jamboree

Around 10 MKH riders took part on Sunday Jun 21 Nebung Tebal Jamboree. We had a fair share of mechanical problems forcing some riders to retire early. 3 riders manage to clinch top 10 positions. Overall quite challenging course with good direction signage, organizers could do with improvements on dangerous areas to reduce participant injuries

Pic Below : Danny finished 4th, Sean 9th and Jarfaidus 6th , Stephen who rode bravely at the begining but forced to retire after a puncture

Pic Below ; Interesting URL in green lettering

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Gentle Reminder : something that you need to do this weekend

This is a gentle reminder that you need to do 2 things this weekend

1) Ipoh century ride on July 19 : MKH registration is this week, if you want to join pls submit and pay up

2) Cameron ride on June 28 : If you wish to participate, need transport (car pooling possibilities) or any other matter pls inform Lee, Danny or Nizam

Old and New MKH jersey

While the jersey is still in in the distribution process, there are some curiousity among riders who have not received them on how it really looks like compared to the older version....well wait no more, here is a picture that will do just that.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

MKH Jersey is ready for distribution by this weekend

For those who ordered the 2009 edition jersey, it has arrived and will be ready for collection by this weekend thru the respective rept that you submitted your payment. We have mixed news about the jersey..the good part is that it arrived slightly earlier than expected but...the bad news is that the manufacturer charges us USD5 extra/jersey for the color scheme which leaves us in the negative zone currently. We expect thru post sales negotiation to get a discount but it is not confirmed. What all this means is that we came out short to purchase the T-shirt. The committee decided to delay the purchase of the t-shirts pending the outcome of discount negotiation hence will not collect additional funding at this juncture.

Sat June 20 - Round Penang Island ride

Start from E-Park @ 7:15am or Gurney Sunrise Traffic Light at 7:45am

E-Park (7:15am) - Greenlane - Gurney Sunrise (7:45am) - Teluk Bahang (breakfast) - Balik Pulau - Tun Sardon - home

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sunday June 21 Kulim road ride

Despite some of MKH riders will be participating in Nibong Tebal Jamboree, there will still be a road ride starting from Jabatan Hutan at 730 sharp. Will be a shorter distance ride to Air Puteh-Selama and back. Pls remember to pass Lee the Ipoh century form and payment if you wish to register for the July 19 ride.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Early Janamanjung Pictures

Some early pictures courtesy of Jamil. Hopefully more to come soon.

Century Ride registration

For those who wish to participate in Ipoh Century ride, Pls submit your forms and payment to either Lee (Kulim) or Danny by end of this week. We plan to fax them out by early next week.

Cameron Ride on June 28

By now most of you would have heard of the Cameron Highlands ride organized by our Ipoh cycling mates (UCI) on June 28. This will be the regular 181km ride starting from Simpang Pulai- Tapah - Cameron- Simpang Pulai. Original starting time was 7am but due to request from MKH riders they agreed to 730am start time to accomodate the travel time to Ipoh. For all riders participating please be on time and arrived Ipoh by 7am, Will not wait for late comers....again ride starts at 730am sharp

Janamanjung Fellowship ride outcome

Around 30 MKH riders took part in the event including 6 brave souls that continue past traditions cycled down(160+km) to Lumut on Saturday to join the event. This year's ride was better than the last as faster pace was allowed by the organizers. All except 1 rider, Megat did not complete due to chest pains which was later admitted to Sri Manjung Hospital. We hope that he will recover fast and continue riding again. Pictures of the ride is currently being processed..stay tuned for updates

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pedu Lake on June 14..Big disappointment

Gone, Gone....GONE.... Most of the very beautiful Pedu lake roads are now gone permanently being replace with highway under construction. An eye sore for cyclist and nature lovers. So all the great hill road including the only 20+% hills in the northern region is something of the past now. The 8km road to the 2 closed down resorts is still being preserved for some reason. Total distance with the new highway remains the same as the old road minus the excitement, The stretch between K. Nerang to Pedu Lake Dam and Gubir to Nami remain unchanged. Looking at the development, road rides around the area is probably not recommended for sometime (guess is 2 years).

On the ride, 5 riders started riding at 750am on MTB and ended at around 315pm covering 116km from Kuala Nerang-PeduLake-Gubir-Nami-Naka-Kuala Nerang. Slow ride was due to the massive roadworks and lack of waterstop which left some somewhat dehydrated. There were many new roads and lack of road directions making it doubly hard.

Despite the lolites, we have some hilites which ranges from wild birds and animals to visit of a fishing village at Tasik Muda. Great views of both lakes and the many Thai temples along the way.

Pic Below : Morning break at K Nerang

Pic Below : A view of portions of the completed highway

Pic Below : Most of the old road being demolished except for the 8km resort stretch

Pic Below: It looks like this...most of the time

Pic Below: View of Pedu Lake from the Resort is still as stunning as ever

Pic Below: Fishing activities at Tasik Muda

And finally , one of the many Thai Temples along the way...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Jun 6/7 Cameron - Raub - Cameron takeaway

14 riders(from Cameron, Penang and Ipoh) set out at 5.15am towards Kuala Lipis on June 6, armed with variety of lightings and clothings the overcome the darkness and coldness.

Pic Below : Some of the starting riders
Arrived Bertam Valley at 730am after 40km of riding for breakfast and heading towards some off roading on yet to be completed highway. Experienced the company of some orang asli kids on the way

Travelled ~60km on a lone unclompleted rolling highway, That was a long and lonely highway !!

Most riders was still fresh at lunch time, which is unusual from past experience using the same route. There was a debate on the destination for the ride....Kuala Lipis, Raub and someone even suggested Gua Musang. Finally decided for Raub due to the attraction to climb Frazer hill for those who have not been there....but distance back to Cameron seems to be sidelined and most was not aware that there will be 2 major climb (the other being from Tapah to Cameron). Anyway decision made.....its RAUB.

Pic Below : Last refreshment stop beside a river
Total distance for the day 167km

Sunday June 7, Journey started at 5.15am again in complete darkness to ride up Fraser hill. Arrived Fraser hill entrance at 7.30am for breakfast. Thank you to our support crew. All the food just taste so delicious
The ride from Kuala Kubu Baru to Tapah was long and hot. Had couple of stops with some very tired riders....
Last climb of the day 80km uphill to Kampung Raja. Group was split into 2 due to riders' schedule. Finally arrived at destination and 9.30pm and 11.00pm respectively. 11 riders made it for the 238km. so total distance for the 2 days was a challenging 405km. The ride was relatively smooth except for one puncture and one "lost and later found" rider.
Pic Below : Final climb up Cameron Highland
Pic Below: Happy faces after completing 238km

Big thanks to our Cameron host and support drivers that make this trip such a smooth and enjoyable one.

Future suggestion : Should we ride from Cameron to Fraser and Genting all in one day !!! Any takers.......