Wednesday, April 30, 2008

2008 Century ride by Roadrunners Ipoh

Calling for group Group registration. For those who wish to register as a group pls contact and pay rm 80 to either Danny, Lee, Hizam and Harun before may 12. Pls indicate your IC# and Jersey size.

160Km (century) ride organized by kelab road runners Ipoh on 13th july 2008 at 7am from Ipoh. See pic below on ride details and registration. OR refer to

Sunday May 4 Road ride

Sunday May 4 Air Puteh ride. Start at 7.30am from Jabatan Hutan Kulim.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cycling + Durian Eating in Penang on April 26 (Saturday)

Finally... Durian season is back! We will be riding to eat Durian in Balik Pulau (Peng Siew's Durian Farm) this Saturday. Route: E-Park (7:15am) - Gurney Sunrise Tower Traffic Light (7:40am) - Teluk Bahang - Balik Pulau Durian Farm (10:00am) - Home.

If you are interested to join, email or sms/call Peng Soon at or +60195557609.

KL Ulu Langat -Broga ride Update

Some Pic.....for your viewing pleasure

At the first regroup point...all can't wait to restart

SuperLan in action
Enjoying the hill climb....
Making it looks so easy.....
Action right at the the 13km hill.
As deep continues even after the ride
Ride outcome: 15 riders from Penang/Kulim and 8 riders from Ipoh turned up for the ride. Estimated a total 100+ riders joined the event. Thanks to P2K for organizing the event. Well balanced terrain consisting of smooth up and downhills and fair amount of flat make the ride a very enjoying one. It was relatively smooth for MKH with only one small technicality due to broken spoke (Ja) and with good span of riders right from at front till mid pack. One setback for muslim riders was that there were no halal food at the stop point making it a bit uncomfortable for them. Sorry no pic to upload at the moment, hopefully will get some later.

Original post:
We have a joint P2K (KL) ,Ipoh Roadrunners' Roadies(Ipoh),MKH(Penang/Kedah) ride this coming Apr 20. This time the ride will be in KL and will be using the Ulu Langat - Broga Loop. This is 138km loop consisting of 5 hills (one hard and long climb of ~13km). You can refer to the picture below on the route details. MKH riders will be travelling down on Saturday Apr 19 and back on Apr 20 evening. For those who have not voiced out intentions to join and wished to do so pls contact Lee (Kulim) or Danny by March 30.

Sunday Apr 27 Road ride to Pantai Merdeka

Road ride to Pantai Merdeka via Kuala Ketil. Stop for makan ikan at Kuala muda. Starting from Jabatan at 7.30am sharp

Monday, April 21, 2008

May 2 & 3 Long MTB Ride update

So far, we have about 10 riders (5 from Penang & ~5 from Cameron Highlands). We have made a slight change to the ride. Instead of riding from Cameron Highlands to Kuala Lipis, we will ride to Raub instead. The total distance per day is estimated to be 170KM+... with countless uphills and downhills (mostly on the road and about 30-40KM on road under construction). The Day 1 Route: Kg Raja - Ringlet - Bertam Valley - Sg Koyan - Raub. Day 2 Route: Raub - Sg Koyan - Bertam Valley - Ringlet - Kg Raja.

Following is the map (click to view larger map):

For now, most of the riders are training hard... we will sure enjoy the loooooong journey together :)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Road Ride in Penang this Saturday (Apr 19)


E-Park - Bkt Jambul - Tun Sardon - Balik Pulau (breakfast) - Teluk Bahang - Balik Pulau - Bkt Genting - Bayan Lepas - Home

Start from E-Park at 7:15am or Lake View Traffic Light at 7:35am.

Interested to join? Contact Peng Soon at 0195557609 or

Friday, April 11, 2008

Saturday Apr 12 MTB ride in Penang

E-Park - Bkt Jambul - Paya Terubong - Air Itam Market - Air Itam Dam - Balik Pulau - Bkt Genting (off road) - Home

Start from E-Park @7:15am, LakeView traffic light @ 7:35am, Air Itam @ 8am . For more info contact 019-5557609.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sunday March 13 road ride

Sunday March 13, Road ride to Kampung Masjid, Hilly terrain and ~130Km. Meet at Jabatan Hutan at 7.30am

Friday, April 4, 2008

Super Long MTB Ride on May 2 & May 3

For those MTB riders who want to test their endurance, come join the longest MTB ride we have ever organized... 320KM+ over two days. Day 1: Start from Kg Raja (Cameron Highlands) to Bertam Valley (also in Cameron Highlands) on the road, and go on to the road under construction to Kuala Lipis. Day 2: Ride back from Kuala Lipis to Kg Raja. This ride is only opened to "qualified" MKH riders only. Submit your name to Peng Soon at He will assess your fitness level and determine if you are "qualified" to join. Reason being is we are looking for 10 riders only and we want all the riders to be able to complete the full distance within the time limit (before sunset) and there will not be any support cars.

Round Penang Island this Sunday (Apr 6) on Road Bike or MTB

If you are interested to join the ride, sms Peng Soon at +60195557609. So far, we have 4 riders. Route: E-Park - Greenlane - Gurney (Sunrise Tower) - Tg Bunga - Teluk Bahang - Balik Pulau - Tun Sardon - Home.

Ride starts from E-Park at 7:15am or Gurney (Sunrise Tower) at 7:40am.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

5 hill ride on Apr 6

Normal meeting place at Jabatan Hutan, Kulim. Ride start at 7.30am.

March 30 Road ride - stopped by the train

About 20 riders turned up for the ~130km matter how fast you....still need to stop for the train....