Thursday, November 22, 2007

Weekly ride Nov 25th 2007

Kulim - P.Tunggal - Sp - K.Ketil - B Putih - Kulim. 7:30am sharp at J.Hutan.
FYI...KL cycling trip has been postponed to x date. Will inform all MKH member once the new date is announce.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Monthly ride - Nov'07

KM - Pantai Merdekah - KM. 7:30am sharp at J.Hutan. Captain said "Train will NOT wait 4 LATE comers". So please take note.

Powerman 2007 Result is out...

This year the organizer added distance to the 1st run and the bike session. 11km-64km-10km. But fortunately it started in the morning, not the last year torture 1pm. Based on the published result the MKH member did pretty well. Chong Meng rank 7th in his age group, Roger is in 28th and Kitto in 35th. All three of them are in sub 4 hours. Well done guys!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Deepavali Ride - Nov 8th 2007

Kulim - A.Puteh - Kulim. 7:30am sharp at J.Hutan. This will replace Sunday weekly ride. For those interested to join G.Jerai trip can contact Nizam.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

MTBiking in Penang this Saturday

E-Park - Bukit Jambul - Tun Sardon - Balik Pulau - Air Itam Dam - Air Itam - home

Interested to join? Email Peng Soon at or inform him at 0195557609.

Meet at E-Park at 7:30am sharp.

Another accident...

FYI... editor was being escalated for not doing good job updating the web site by our Captain Lee. That is why you have four infos out in one day....not bad huh. Ok sorry, back to the accident. Our friend, Khalib, was HIT by car, did you hear i said "HIT by car! " Don't worry...only minor scratch (he must have some kong fu to avoid any injury) but his fork is broken in two. Time to have new bike la Datuk Khalib.... and he has changed his handle bar back to aluminum. As you know recently some riders are considering changing thier expensive carbon fibre handle bar back to the aluminum bar. If you do not know why then you must have not visited Danny.

Weekly ride Nov 4th 2007

Bukit Hijau mission ride.... 7;30am sharp at J.Hutan.

More rides....

The heat is on!! Not sure how because it has been raining, raining and raining these few weeks .... Yes, there are more rides other than the Sat MTB and Sun Kulim ride.
1) Now every Friday there is a night ride start at 9pm meeting at Bagan Ajam rest area. For those who are interested can contact Nizam, Harun or Maverick.
2) There will be KL/P2k ride in Dec 16th 2007. Anyone interested can contact Lee or Danny.

Danny is back and...

....started working!!....of course how can he not doing any cycling or running...or whatever make him sweat other than sitting at home. Ya this guy has been curi curi cycling even he knows he can't control his bike as good as previous. Danny, be patient la, you have two screws and a metal plate on your collarbone and it is only been 3 weeks. Anyway, welcome Danny back in action (eerr.... small action).