Friday, January 29, 2010

Letua Jersey Sale - Fund raising

Malaysia Letua Racing team, our Malaysia's one and only pro continental team is having its regular and special edition jersey for sale as a fund raising activity for the team.

For orders pls contact Megat (our dedicated MKH rider) at 012-4331909 or email
1) Special Edition Jersey for RM 150

2) Regular Letua Team Attire
LuaLetua Cycling Team attire price list all in RM
Short Sleeve Jersey ( Jersey ) 190
Bib Short (bib) 260
Summer Cycling Glove (glove) 70
Cycling Socks ( socks ) 30
Total 4 piece items 550

Letua Cycling Team attire
Sleevless jersey 230
Euro Cap 35
Lycra cover shoe 80
Lycra arm warmer 75
Men's WindGuard Vest 190
Men's WindGuard Jacket 225
Summer Jersey 245
Summer short 285

Monday, January 25, 2010

Jan31 Road ride in Kulim

Route : Lima Bukit
Start : 7.45am sharp from Jabatan Hutan
Distance <100km

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sunday Jan24, Road ride from Kulim

Route: Bukit Hijau - Kuala Ketil
Starting from Jabatan Hutan at 7.45
Distance: ~ 120km

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunday Jan 17 - Road Ride to Gua Cempedak

Destination : Gua Cempedak- Merbok
Lunch at T. Dawai followed by "ice-blend dessert" at Sungai Petani
Start: 745am at Jabatan Hutan
Distance : 180KM ++

Kuala Sapetang ride

172km ride to Kuala Sapetang. Many know that Kuala Sapetang is well known for Mee Udang but few actually know that its previous name was Port Weld which have connection to our Malaysian history. We have 22 riders who decideto punish themselves to ride the whole distance for a bowl of 10 large prawn "Mee Udang" . There were a bit of added excitement this time around with the "short cut" 5km kampong road from the trunk road to Kuala Sapetang crossing under the North South toll highway. He we rode beside the highway for about a total 500 meters before going under it. It was an interesting adventure to ride road bike in a relatively rideable kampong road and decided to ride thru it again on the way back. Another unusual stop was at a cendol store in Kulim. Overall a pretty control ride and glad that every one made it safely.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

180km Cameron Ride from Simpang Pulai

There is a Simpang Pulai - Tapah- Cameron Highlands ride planned by Ipoh riders (namely UCI) on Sunday Jan 10 starting at 7.30am. 3 stops planned at Tapah ,Ringlet and Blue Valley. Several MKH riders are interested to join the ride. If any one is interested pls contact Roger Choo(012-4620545) for details and arrangement. Since most riders will not be able to travel down to Ipoh for the ride, Kulim ride to Kuala Sapatang on the same day will still be ON.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Sunday Jan 10 Road ride to Kuala Sapatang - is ON

Kulim- Bkt Merah- Kuala Sapatang- Kulim
Ride Attraction: Famous Mee Udang at Kuala Sapatang
Start: Jabatan Hutan at 745 sharp
Distance 180++ KM

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Malakoff Interstate 2009

750 riders turned up for the first ever 2 days Malakoff Interstate ride on Dec 31 2009/Jan 1 2010 covering Penang Kedah and Perak. Enjoyful and well organized ride. Very high turn-up from MKH riders coming from Penang Kedah, Perak to jointly participate and help organize the ride. Below are photos from various sources...

Day 1 7.15am at Auto City starting line

Arrival at first regroup point at Selama, Perak
Delicious Pisang

Father and son in similar action........what make this bike fast?
Restarting from Selama, Perak

Every wonder what is in the aero bottle of a trial bike....

From bicycle to tricycle...actually tri-motorcycleDay 2 Action at Balik Pulau
After 2nd climb - Teluk Bahang Dam
Wadi decided to abandoned his bicycle and run
Another Father and son in action ....old MKH vs younger one
Guessed who arrived at the finishing line first

Time to enjoy.............

Sunday Jan 3. Road Ride

Ride to Tanjung Dawai...Eat fish ride
Distance 140km
Start at Jabatan Hutan 745am sharp.