Friday, May 30, 2008

MTBiking in Penang this Saturday (May 31)

We are doing a farewell ride for David Rogers this Saturday. David will be going back to Oregon and this is the last ride before he leaves Penang.

We will start from E-Park at 7:15am or Gurney Beach Apartment at 7:40am. If you plan to join the ride, let me know. or 019-555-7609.

Here is the route:

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sunday June 1 Road ride

Kuala Pegang - P. Panjang. Starting point at Jabatan Hutan Kulim at 730am

Friday, May 23, 2008

Saturday May 24, Casual Penang hill ride

Ride starts at 7.40am from bottom of the jeep track. For more infor Call Bok Sim 016-4929012

Round Penang Island + Durian at Balik Pulau this Sunday (May 25)

Start from E-Park at 7:15am or Gurney Sunrise Tower traffic light at 7:40am. We will drop by Balik Pulau durian farm for durian. If you are interested to join, contact me at 0195557609 or

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sunday, May 25 road ride

Bukit Hijau ride. Starting from Jabatan Hutan at 7.30. Expected distance <100km.

Long weekend ride summary

28 cyclist turned out on Sunday for the 186km ride to Taiping. It has been a while since a group this large rode this distance. Relatively smooth ride. 3 riders continued after the ride to clock 200km just for the fun of it.
One memorable key incident happen when the tough "Kulim" Lee was verbally abused by a relatively small size lady during a scheduled stop at Selama Petronas the next time some one mention Lee's girlfriend, you guys should know where she is from and how it came about.
Pic 1: Don't look at the rider but at the lady behind..perfect match for Lee
Pic 2: All still smiling after 150Km, turning the convinient store into a resting place
Monday Vesak day ride was a relatively slow ride with ~15 riders turn up and couple more joined in between. Some have not recovered from the previous day ride hence chose short cut route back to the starting point.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

May 17 - Riding from Penang to Cameron Highlands

Few riders from Cameron Highlands will be in town on Friday to collect a new bike. And they will be riding from Penang - Ipoh - Cameron. ... 260KM... . If you are interested to join the fun, let me know. My contacts are: or 0195557609.

We are starting from E-Park at 5:20am on Saturday morning. 4 riders (including me) have set the mind to ride all the way back home while 1 or 2 riders may just ride to Ipoh.

Update on the ride:

5 riders completed the full route on May 17. 4 on road bike and 1 on MTB!!! Total riding distance was about 245KM.

7 riders started (4 road bikes and 3 MTBs), and two called it a day at Kuala Kangsar and Chemoh respectively. The 5 riders reached Ipoh at 4:20pm (2hrs 20mins behind the expected time due to some incidents at Simpang and Changkat Jering). At 5pm+, we started the climb (60KM) from Simpang Pulai to Kg Raja... two riders started to suffer after 30mins of climbing, but they held on to complete the ride at 9:55pm!!!

The riders who completed the 245KM ride are Choon Seng, Choon Seng's son, Peng Seng, Mak, and me. My brother in law (who started to ride MTB in Feb'08) ended his ride at Kuala Kangsar after a "minor" bike accident, and Peng Seng's son ended his ride at Chemoh.

So, Penang to Cameron ride... who is next?

Pictures from the ride:

Riders: Cheng Choon, Peng Seng, Mak, Choon Seng & his son, Yin Yong (Peng Seng's son)

Saturday may 17 Mtb ride in Penang

Start from Bukit Gambir at 730am. route Bukit gambir-Paya Terubong- Lam Sua - back on road thru paya terubong hills. First hill is all off road.

Sunday May 18 road ride to Taiping

Start at 730am from Jabatan hutan. Expected distance 160km.

Monday Vesak day road ride, May 19

Road ride round penang island. Meet at Padang Kota at 7.30am

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Penang Round Island ride on May 11 (Sunday)

We will start from E-Park at 7am. If you are interested to join, contact Peng Soon at +60195557609.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Saturday May 10 MTB in Penang

Sat weekend ride from bukit gambir to paya terubong to air itam dam follow with the route to Titi Kerawang (T bahang/Balik pulau road). Meet at Bukit Gambir junction at 730am. For more info Call Danny

Thursday, May 8, 2008

May 2 & 3 Super Long MTB ride update

9 riders joined the ride - Danny, David Rogers, Bok Sim, Sin Peow, Choon Seng, Mak, Peng Seng, Yin Yong (Peng Seng's son), and Peng Soon. Total riding distance on our MTBs were ~383KM over 2 days. Day 1 route was per plan, and we changed our Day 2 route to suite all riders and ease the logistics.

Day 1 (May 2): Start from Kg Raja - Bertam Valley - Sg Koyan - end at Raub. We started the ride at ~5:20am.

It was cold but we started to sweat as we climbed the ~12KM uphill from Batu 49 to Hotel EQ. We stopped for breakfast at Brinchang, and continue our journey until a few corners after Tanah Rata that one member had an incident and we stopped for ~30mins. We passed Ringlet and go down to Bertam Valley at a slower pace due to road construction. The climb from Bertam Valley town to top of the farms burned all the foods we have taken in Brinchang.

The downhill (100% off road) were sooooo loooong that some wished it would end earlier and some felt it was just nice.

We met the tar road at about 10:15am; we stop for ~15mins for refreshment. The ride on the tar road was nice, no major climbs, but enough to drain our fuel :).

At 12pm, we reached a small kampung (which is ~20KM from Sg Koyan). It was so hot that consumed a few bottles of 1.5L 100Plus, and we took the chance to clean our bikes. At 2:20pm, we reached Sg Koyan. We ate lunch... cooling Ice Kacang with some kuih. We still have 50KM+ to go, and the temperature was high!!! We continued our journey under the hot sun and most riders were tired and it took us close to 3 hours to complete the last 50KM+.

The hotel room at Raub was nice, and our GREAT dinner was paid for by a local friend. Not forget to mention... it was Bok Sim's 30th birthday and he has set a record for himself for riding 173KM on MTB in one day thru such a challenging terrain!!!

We spent sometime during dinner to discuss the route for Day 2 as many believed that they can't make it back to Kg Raja using the same route. After much considerations, we have decided that we would ride from Raub thru the foothill of Fraser then Kuala Kubu Bharu and end at Tapah; estimated distance was ~170KM. We ended the day with good sleep... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Day 2 (May 3): We met for breakfast at a nearby roti canai restaurant at 7am. Everyone were doing their "carbo" loading as there was a ~30KM climb coming up. We left Raub town at 7:50am. When we were riding up the hill, we noticed some signs indicating that the road was closed. One uncle on motorbike actually came to me informing that the road was broken as we would have to turn back... just few KMs before reaching the foothill of Fraser, we reached the part of the broken road... it was muddy but we could cross it. Our hero Choon Seng took off his shoes and carried all the bikes over the mud, and rest of the riders walked thru a small tree branch. A few were not able to balance and stepped into mud! Ha Ha Ha!!! The workers were laughing at us.

At 10:20am, we reached the Fraser foothill, and it was Kodak moment again. The next 35KM was nice downhill to Kuala Kubu Bharu.

We had simple lunch at a small stall at Kuala Kubu Bharu... some cound not eat and some ate/drink a lot! We continued our journey at 12pm when we met the super heavy rain shower for about 15-20mins. It was truly a great noon shower!!! All riders were so freshed and energized after the "bath" that they could ride together for the next 35KM non-stop (averaging 30KM/h) to Slim River. Danny and I were pulling all the time. Of course Danny was pulling at slightly higher speed (slightly over 30KM/h) and when my turn came, I pulled at ~28KM/h. At Slim River, after the assessment of the riders' fitness level, we decided that we would end the ride Ipoh instead... breaking the 200KM mark on MTB in a day!!! The next two stops were Bidor and Kampar where we met Tommy and his friend on their car. At this point, we could see some riders showing the signs of going over their limits... since we were less than 30KM to go, we quickly jumped back on our saddles to continue the journey. With few KMs to Simpang Pulai, our bike computers shown that we have hit the 200KM mark. Most riders were excited again and picked the pace to complete the last 8KM!!! They were riding at over 30KM/hr... the pain on their backside, legs, hands, etc... were all behind their minds :). At 6:30pm, we reached our destination. We rode from Raub to Ipoh!!! One rider came to me saying that I kept extending the distance as we go along... he he he... this must be the first time that he joined our ride :)

Some interesting facts about the ride:
- 5 riders have not ridden more than 90KM in a day before the ride... and they rode a total of ~383KM on MTB over two days with some difficult climbs.
- Only 1 rider has ridden more than 200KM on MTB in a day before.
- 4 riders have ridden more than 200KM on road bike before.
- 1 rider is only 15years old. He joined the Day 2 ride and completed the 210KM without much problem.
- 1 rider has stopped riding since the 2004 PCC Interstate ride... and he started to ride again about 2 months ago, and the longest ride he has done in the 2 months was from Kg Raja to Hotel EQ. He completed both days with some mild complains only.
- Apart from 1 incident, only two small failures on our bikes... one RD screw fell on the road but it was found and re-installed, one tire puncture at Kampar and we got the tube replaced.

If you want to test your limit again... Danny is talking about 300KM on MTB in a day the next time!

Hear what the riders have to say about the ride...

Bok Sim: “This is my first time complete 383KM (173KM+210KM) ride on MTB in 2 days. The longest ride I have did on MTB before this event was 85KM round Island. I will say is fantastic ride with the rest of the MTB riders along the journey; total test out my body strain, endurance also bike reliabilities. Special Thanks to Peng Soon, Danny all riders from Penang and Cameron.”

David Rogers: "What a great 2-day ride! Riding 388km from Cameron to Raub to Ipoh is definitely the road riding highlight of my stay in Malaysia. The ride presented the right mix of personal challenges to make it daunting: an unknown route, climbs, a semi-technical descent, and back-to-back record distances on a MTB. It also had the right mix of interesting items to make it fun: great riding companions who rode together as a group, tasty food, and new places and scenery enjoyed at a cycling pace. The recovery day in Cameron visiting the Yew family farms was icing on the cake. I learned a lot about my abilities, my fellow riders, and Malaysia in the process. Thanks Peng Soon and everyone else involved in making this such a memorable experience!
The 20-minute rain shower leaving Kuala Kubu Baru that re-energized the group and made completing the remaining distance on day 2 possible.
Long gravel road plus new no-traffic road descent from Cameron to the east side of the peninsula.
Crossing the mud-slide just before Frasier Hill followed by a much-needed long, winding descent.
Exceeding 200km on the 2nd day!
Bike accident early on the first day."

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sunday May 11 road ride

Sunday Road ride to Tanjung Piandang-Kuala Kurau. Estimated 130km. Note the change from previous SMS destination ie Bukit Hijau due to riders' request for different route. Meet at Jabatan Hutan Kulim at 7.30am.