Monday, November 1, 2010

Exciting 220Km ride to Kuala Kangsar

Despite the severe storm and flood warning for Monday, 24 brave riders took on the challenge to ride to Kuala Kangsar and back. ~13 riders made it for the full 220km ride,with the rest started and ended at various locations. It was a smooth ride with planned higher than normal stop points to enable new riders achieve the distance. The group visited the Kuala Kangsar Jamboree site and met up with cycling friends before heading back. One minor accident involving the only lady rider, luckily she escaped with only bruises.
Hilite of the day definitely went to Tannie Wong who joined MKH ride for the 2nd time and achieved 220km on a Mountain bike despite a minor fall and stomach discomfort. congratulations to her and all the other riders who broke personal distance record. Also like to thank Kenny volunteered the support car, Lee for being support driver and another passenger who took lots of photos of the event. Hopefully it will be published on Facebook soon.

Some random picture captured from camera phone